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Subtle Energy Therapy


Subtle Energy Work sessions consist of the integration of Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, and Crystal Therapy as relevant to each individual client. Subtle Energy sessions, per client needs, may or may not include integrated massage.

Reiki is an energetic healing technique in which the practitioner accesses and delivers universal life energy to the client via a hands-on approach that is not limited to the physical body. As an alternative to direct contact with the physical body, healing energy may be delivered to the client by interacting with the auric and etheric fields. Chakras open as the client receives energy, and this allows the current to flow to areas of the body as needed. Reiki is a relaxing intervention which has also been reported to be effective in the treatment of high blood pressure, stress, digestive and cardiac disorders. In addition, Reiki facilitates the healing of wounds, including, cuts, burns, swelling, and bruises.

Subtle Energy Session [1 HR]: $125

Subtle Energy Session [1.5 HR]: $175

Subtle Energy Session* [1 HR]: $115 *(Subtle Energy Work only, no Integrated Massage)


This hour long session combines Acupuncture/Shiatsu + Craniosacral + Reiki

** Please note that Acupuncture needling is currently only available in South Florida location.

Points + Waves Combo [1HR]: $135


Using techniques that have been tested and used over 5000 years, acupuncture has been shown in recent years to have nearly miraculous results in a wide variety of conditions. This is accomplished by inserting needles 1/5 the thickness of a standard medical needle into the skin at specific points. Side effects are rare and risks few with most patients report the experience as rejuvenating and relaxing all at the same time. Acupuncture can be received as a stand alone therapy or added as an adjunct to comprehensive bodywork sessions. ** Please note that Acupuncture needling is currently ONLY available at South Florida location.

Acupuncture [Stand-Alone Therapy]: $80        
Acupuncture [Add-On to Primary Service]  $65

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