Movement Therapy


Therapeutic Exercises, such as yoga and McKenzie, are commonly used for preventive and rehabilitative processes. For acute, sub-acute, and chronic conditions, the purpose of these modalities is to facilitate healing, by reducing pain and inflammation while simultaneously increasing strength, flexibility, and endurance in the tissues. This includes exercise and stretching for the maintenance, restoration, and improvement of active and passive ranges of motion, muscle strength and integrity, and neuromuscular proprioception.

In some rehabilitative processes,  modalities such as  electric stimulation as well as hot & cold packs, may be included. The purpose of these modaliTies is to facilitate healing, reduce pain, and promote soft tissue flexibility. Functional Rehabilitation, particularly McKenzie Technique for rehabilitation of the cervical and lumbar spinal regions, is also available via web stream consultation for established clients. Packages are available for multiple sessions.

Therapeutic  Exercise [30 MINS]: $50
Therapeutic  Exercise [45 MINS]: $75  



​Stretch Clinic consists of Physician assisted stretching to improve flexibility in a specific body region.

Stretch Clinic [45 MINS]: $75         

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