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Movement Therapy


Therapeutic Exercises, such as yoga and McKenzie, are commonly used for preventive and rehabilitative processes. For acute, sub-acute, and chronic conditions, the purpose of these modalities is to facilitate healing, by reducing pain and inflammation while simultaneously increasing strength, flexibility, and endurance in the tissues. This includes exercise and stretching for the maintenance, restoration, and improvement of active and passive ranges of motion, muscle strength and integrity, and neuromuscular proprioception.

In some rehabilitative processes,  modalities such as  electric stimulation as well as hot & cold packs, may be included. The purpose of these modaliTies is to facilitate healing, reduce pain, and promote soft tissue flexibility. Functional Rehabilitation, particularly McKenzie Technique for rehabilitation of the cervical and lumbar spinal regions, is also available via web stream consultation for established clients. Packages are available for multiple sessions.

Therapeutic  Exercise [30 MINS]: $60
Therapeutic  Exercise [45 MINS]: $75  



​Stretch Clinic consists of Physician assisted stretching to improve flexibility in a specific body region.

Stretch Clinic [45 MINS]: $75         


Yoga Dynamics Workshop Series

Learn foundational principals of Yoga in preparation for on-going small group practice. Workshops are sequential and consist of 3 classes per session, providing yoga and anatomy education, as well as integrative practice. No prior yoga experience is needed. Completion of this series is prerequisite for on-going Yoga Open Studio practice. The full series includes approximately 16-20 hours of training:

Session 1: Breathwork Dynamics - Learn breathwork principals of Yoga, including some anatomy basics about the function of the heart and lungs in health and movement therapies.

Session 2: Sun Salutation A - Begin incorporating principals of Session 1 into your yoga practice. Sun Salutation A is a sequence of foundational poses in most yoga practices.

Session 3: Core Dynamics - Learn how to engage core function to promote stability and groundedness in your physique. This workshop includes some anatomy basics on postural muscles, mindfulness in movement practice, and tools to improve mobility strength. These skills can be practiced in life to condition the core muscles for wellness applications, including fall prevention.

Session 4: Sun Salutation B Begin incorporating principals of Sessions 1-3 into your yoga practice. Sun Salutation B follows Sun A in the series of foundational poses in most yoga practices.

Yoga Dynamics Individual [ 1-Workshop ]: $50

Yoga Dynamics  Series [ 4-Workshops ]: $150       

Yoga Open Studio
On-going, Small Group Asana practice, tailored towards individual development. Reservation and Cancellation Policy applies. Prerequisite applies. 

[ Individual Class ]: $15

[ 5 Class Package ]: $60

Private Yoga Instruction [30 MINS]: $60

Private Yoga Instruction [45 MINS]: $75

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