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Massage & Manual Therapy


The Initial Consultation, includes the intake process and 1 Hour of Integrated Massage, is a prerequisite to all bodywork services.

Initial Consultation: $125 [ 1 HR ]  


Integrated massage incorporates an eclectic mix of Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Cranio-sacral Therapy, Polarity, Reflexology, joint mobilization, and stretching and is tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Integrated massage is comprehensive in its approach to addressing ailments of the physical body, such as musculo-skeletal tension and trigger points. Additionally, it is conducted with respect for the mind-body-spirit connection and holds the intention to provide a healing space for the lower four bodies including the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This is an effective treatment to achieve full body relaxation and/or to address specific clinical conditions.

Integrated Massage [ 1HR ]: $90       
Integrated Massage [ 1.25 HR ]: $110
Integrated Massage [ 1.5 HR ]: $125


Hot Stone Therapy calls upon ancient wisdom and ritual to provide deep relaxation and resolve. Hot stones enable the use of thermo-theraputics and hydrotherapy to enable profound physiological benefits. Often described as, “yummy”, the stone sessions are remarkable in their ability to melt away tension, bringing comfort and healing to the mind, body, and spirit.

Hot Stone Massage [ 1.5HR ]:  $125      


​Dating back to as far as 2500 BC, Thai Yoga Massage is ancient form of holistic bodywork that engages the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies through a combination of attentive, rhythmic breath work and a series of gentle, rocking, progressive and deep stretches. Thai Yoga Massage is highly effective for improving flexibility, increasing space and awareness, as well as restoring balance for both patient and practitioner.
Thai Yoga Massage [ 1.25 HR ]: $115


​This 'best of both worlds' bodywork combo consists of 1 hour of Thai Massage followed by 1 hour of Integrated Massage:

East Meets West Combo [ 2 HR ]: $175


Save $15 per additional service on your custom bodywork package. *Priced according to your selection of massage as baseline service. Popular bodywork combos include: 

Adjustment + Massage (30 mins): [ $95 ]

Adjustment + Massage (1HR): [ $115 ]

Thai + Integrated Combo (2HR): [ $150 ]

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