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Holistic Bodywork.

Salve! Be Well! embraces the soul of well being by blending the art and science of healing modalities.

Chiropractic Medicine
McKenzie Therapy
Integrated Massage 
Hot Stone Massage
Thai Yoga Therapy
Reiki & Energy Work


Alexis Bergan-Guzman

A chiropractic physician and licensed massage therapist, Dr Alexis offers affordable, comprehensive bodywork services, based on a blend of Evidence Based Practice Methods, including chiropractic medicine and massage therapy, as well as the wisdom of Ancient Healing modalities, such as energy medicine and shamanic bodywork.


​An Initial Consultation, which includes exam, initial adjustment, and full hour of integrated massage, is a prerequisite to all bodywork services.


Adjustments are one of the main tools chiropractors use in the office setting. Through palpation, chiropractors are able to assess where there are joint restrictions. An adjustment is commonly performed in that restricted region, thus enabling the joint to then move freely in its full range of motion again. Dr. Bergan-Guzman uses a variety of adjusting techniques to correct joint dysfunctions throughout the body, including the spine and extremities; All work to improve function of the mechanical, neurological, and biochemical properties of the body.


Holistic Bodywork is conducted with respect for the mind-body-spirit connection and holds the intention to provide a healing space for the lower four bodies including the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Currently, Dr Alexis offers the following bodywork services: Integrated Massage & Manual Therapy, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, and Thai Yoga Massage

Additionally, Movement Therapies such as Physician Assisted Stretch-Clinic, McKenzie Therapy, and Small Group Yoga Sessions provide opportunities for health outcomes to be enhanced by improving flexibility, strength, and biomechanics. .

Articles about Holistic Health


Lori, Nurse Executive


"She is hands down the best deep tissue massage therapist I have ever been too. She knows how to get to those areas and helps me get relief from my trouble spots. She is also extremely knowledgeable about her practice. I am so glad a friend recommended her.

Susan, Yoga Instructor


"I'm a picky massage person.

I want it all: relaxation, deep tissue work, good energy, soft music, someone who knows where it hurts without me having to say a word. 
And I found it!


The best massage you will find.Right here in 

#Chattanooga.Right here in The Edney with Dr Alexis Bergan-Guzman! 
Treat yourself!"

Lyssette, Cloud Manager


Highly Recommended!


“After having long term migraines and back issues, I've seen great (not to mention relatively fast) progress with her. She not only is looking to get you treated but also to solve the main issue whether its diet, stress, etc. Always giving solid, educating recommendations and awesome treatment. Would recommend her with out a doubt.” 

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